VAG-COM 11.11.3 is the newest software version of the VAG tools that is used to read and erase all diagnostics trouble codes in order to identify and then fix all faults in all VAG vehicles. It has a special feature that resets all the service-indicators after every reading. The interface also supports a good number of car modules like airbag, engine and gearbox, besides the fact that it is entirely compatible with all the 1994 to the current models of Skoda, VW, Seat and Audi including models that use a direct CAN-connection for diagnostics.  

 The VAG COM 11.11 has a special database exceeding 14000 fault codes and measuring block text. It capable of using the new 7-Digit SKC/PIN diagnostic codes to match the newly designed keys in all the immobilizer-equipped vehicles making it possible for you (the user) to view, log and graph all the 3 groups of MBs (Measuring Blocks) at a go. The interface can access all the control modules which also require proprietary VAG COM modes that run the KWP-2000 protocols such as the 2001+ Teves Mk.60 ABS and numerous 2002+ modules, the KWP7000 (UDS) and/or KWP 6000 (CAN).  
 Since it was introduced in the market, VAG-HEX CAN USB interface has completely revised, and more or so expanded ROD data which includes coverage for almost all the latest vehicle models of like the new 4G Chassis Audi-A6. The structure of the ROD (ODX) data has also been fully revised to keep the size of the installer reasonable by doing away with too much redundancy. The interface enables direct connection of the VAG system to your laptop or desktop including those that require the CAN BUS direct-connection. The interface is also able to perfectly plug into almost all the latest desktops and laptop computer models including those that use Fresco-Logic USB 3 chipsets. This makes it absolutely compatible with almost all laptops, modems and old models.  
 Other features of the VAG-COM 11.11.3 HEX USB CAN include:
 · Supports a number of new UDS control module addresses. 
 · New “Clear All Selections” function in Advanced Measuring Values. · Revised Advanced Measuring Values screen that replaces the “Specifications” column with balloon help items whenever you click the actual value (provided that “Specification” data is available for that value). 
 · Revised and even expanded Label-Files.
 · The EDC 15-16 mileage reading including support for some of the EDC 15-V16-TDI ECUs.
 · Support for larger and more meaningful chassis descriptions in the Auto-Scan chassis selection list.    · New version for LCode. 
 The package list of the VCDS 11.11.3 comprises 1 x VAG COM 11.11 diagnostic interface, 1 x CD Software (English) and the software screenshot. The interface also brings with it an in-built VAG-Saver that continuously alerts you in case there is any shortening. Note that most of these interfaces can be specially extended for easy use. 
In addition, some other data modules such as OD, OB and OF have also been included in the new version of VAG COM 11.11.3 for better performance and functionality.