When you want to find errors or problems in your car, then ELM327 interface can help you in it. In order to resolve these problems you just need to install and configure it on your windows system and then you will be able to resolve a lot of errors from your vehicle using Bluetooth. In case you don’t know how to install it, then here is step by step guide that can assist you in it.


1) First, you need to local diagnostics connector of your car. This is a 16 pin diagnostics connector and you should be able to find it under the steering wheel of driver’s compartment. When you will open the drivers compartment under steering wheel you will be easily find so you do not need to worry about that as well.


2) Now you need to turn on the ignition of your car and after that you need to plug your ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 tool into the car ports. Here you need to remember that you should plug this Bluetooth tool before the starting of your engine, but you need to plug it as soon as your car ignition is started.


3) Now you need to connect your Bluetooth ELM327 tool with your windows system. So first turn on your Bluetooth devices and click on add devices. When you will do this it will open a wizard for connecting Bluetooth device. In this wizard, click on the checkbox that says my device is ready and its ok to use.


4) After that click on next and it will search your Bluetooth ELM327 OBD2 tool when it searches the tool then click on next. In case it finds more than one Bluetooth device, then click on your OBD2 tool and then click on next. Sometime you may see more than one device such as your mobile or other devices so you need to choose the right device for proper results.


5) Now it will ask you to enter the pass code in it. If you are using windows XP, then you may try 1234and for windows 7 you may try 6789. In case none of these passkey work for your ELM327 interface Bluetooth device, then you can try 0000 and click on next.


6) Now it will connect your Bluetooth OBD2 tool and then you can click on finish.

Once you click on finish it is ready to use your ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 tool and you just need to use the diagnostics software for your OBD2 tool to identify and resolve all the errors of your car.



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